My name is James Hitchens and I have been a chef for 14 years and specialise in classic and modern European cuisine. My experience starts from award winning restaurants back in the UK, but I’ve also obtained my own awards here in Dubai. I’ve worked in commercial kitchens, as a private chef all over the world for high profile guests including Royal Family, but now it’s time to start my own business with Hitchens Kitchens.

It all started with a group of good friends asking me for advice on food preparation and wanting to learn more in the kitchen. So I put the feelers out to see how many other people were in the same boat – turns out quite a few! But the key was finding a way to offer a valuable and useful service that’s different from everyone else.

We quickly realised that you can get a cooking lesson in a professional kitchen quite easily, but when you get home it’s near on impossible to recreate if you don’t have all the same equipment. This is where we’re different – we come to you to give the lesson, in your home, in your kitchen with your equipment. This way, you know for certain you can recreate the magic again and again long after we’re gone!

We offer bespoke cooking lessons, individually or with a group of friends, in your house, using your own equipment. Leaving you knowing you can recreate the magic all by yourself, with the tools and confidence Hitchens Kitchens will give you.